Earlier today, I was walking to my laptop, when I noticed the mailperson stopped in front of my house. So, I ran out to greet her and get the packages so she wouldn't have to walk all the way up the door. (Let me tell you, the Fed Ex guy loves that I do that!!)  Two packages...adressed to me!

One was from Paper Makeup Stamps...with October release stamps...sorry...no pix available yet! hehe

The other was from my stamping (real life friend b/c I met her in real life) Kim. I won blog candy on her blog recently. (Thanks Bruce for pulling my card! haha) And when Kim realized it was me, she packed it with extra treats!  Boy, do I feel like I hit the JACKPOT.

Five roles of ribbon...different styles from elegant, to preppy to cutesy!
FOUR cases of buttons...mostly corduroy buttons. Oh lala!
A package of Little Felt Flurries...which I have long looked at over at the SU clearance racks! haha
Eggcelent Eggs Kit...perfect for 3 little kids next easter!  (If I can wait that long to open it!)
Urban Oasis 12 inch DP
A PILE of 6 inch DP...what a variety!
A bunch of bashful blue CS...b/c I am nealry out of it and use it most often over any other color. (How weird is that??)  And along with that is a bunch of the new colored CS from SU too! 

Thanks Kim!  Click over here to check out her inspiring blog!


Great Grandma Lin said...

how fun

Kim P said...

You know...I have set the bar very high for my blog candy now! Heehee! It felt great to give away lots of retired SU goodies, because I needed to make room for new stuff! And I HAD to help you with a few sheets of bashful blue! Have fun, dear friend!!

Andrea said...

Jealous on so many levels...one you got an amazing bounty of blog candy and two you got your PMS stamps already! Well I will at least get one of those hopefully soon!

Tammy said...

WOW, lucky you. You should probably buy a lottery ticket then share your wealth!!!!

Lynn McAuley said...

I can't wait to see what you create with these new goodies!!!

paige said...

Wow! What a lucky day for you!

Emkay said...

Congratulations on your awesome prize!

Susan said...

don't you just love the mail lady...or man...who keep us all connected with friends. maybe not as filled with boxes as you got...but still...a connection.

Becky said...

It always seems like Christmas when one of those trucks come up to my house. And always the best when it is from some one I won from :)

Michelle VP said...

What a fun package! Congrats on the windfall. :)