First day of school

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Today was the first day of school. And yes, my kids were excited.  Even #1 loudly proclaimed, "I love school!" earlier this morning.  The kids just had to get outside as soon as possible.  In fact, my neigbhor asked me what time oru bus came b/c we were out in the front yard to early!




See what you miss when you are looking through a lens!  I didn't notice until I was cropping pix that my #1 is giving me our secret hug signal.  Goodness. I'm soooo glad that I enjoy the moment more times than snap pictures.

And you can just imagine the pride that he had when he returned home:

WEARING...the saftey patrol belt! haha.  He is sooooo happy and excited to be a member of the safety patrol this year!

We had grand reviews of the first day of school.  I'm grateful we have started the year off on the right foot. 


Michelle VP said...

Looks like a great first day! Love the photos! :)

April said...

My DS will have the first day of 6th grade tomorrow - I hope it is as great for him as your kids' had!!

Kim P said...

Love the secret hug signal! What a great bunch of kids...a great family!!

Great Grandma Lin said...

how cool, brings back lots of memories.

Susan said...

safety patrol? I was on the safety patrol when in 6th grade. I had the corner up by the HS, my sash was orange I think. Plus I had a flag to stop the kids and the traffis. I was happy , too. Cool, Con!

Roxie said...

Where did those kids get such good looks...could it be their parents! Nice shots Dawn, I like the grin on #3, that pretty face on #2 and the hug and proud moment of the safety patrol for #1.
Thanks for sharing the photos!