So...here..I"ve been SWAMPED...absolutely swamped with real life/soccer/ brownies/cubs/church/school/family/clean the house/groceryshop etc, etc, etc...the real, REAL life stuff.  Which is why nothing new to post, craft-wise speaking.

But...I wanted to give a shout out to Ginger Trevarrow.  She reads my blog I guess...and we have a mutual friend!  Come stamp at my house Ginger! 

I will be having a few fun announcements...soon. Keep checking back.

I am seriously trying to get my self down to my craft area....right now I'm organizing things online with my stamping schedule. Whew...How on earth does some one work full time, be a mom, volunteer for 15 different activities...and get to stamp? haha.  Glad I have a husband who provides so well so I can run around like a headless chicken...and stamp sometimes too.

Did you watch LOST last night? What do you think? I'm soooo glad that they brought Boone and his step sister back. Although...maybe a little build up would have been nice. And there are more questions. But I'm okay with the ending.  B/c I believe that when I die, I will be seeing all my friends and aquaintances that I knew here on earth. And that we will be able to hug and chat and smile and cry and remember all the things that happened while we lived on earth.  But hopefully there will mostly smiles and laughter. 

Exercise wise....things are going good. I sort of ate poorly Saturday night. But when you are good friends with a soon to be Master CHEF...and his wife says "oh you are coming to dinner after we are done with this Pampered Chef party" of course...you are going to dinner! Thanks Randy for the yummy food. Loved that salad and the asparagus. I had a hankering ever since my mom started talking about the grilled asparagus she had earlier in the week.  Okay, Let me say, it wasn't poorly...it was just a lot and late at night. haha. It certainly WASN'T poor food.  Then, okay, so I made Peanutbutter Dharma cookies for the Lost finale...and caramel corn. And ate them last night. (Now cookies and caramel corn is poor nutrition!)  But I weighed in lower than the last time...and i have 3 days before the next official weigh in...all is good. I can't believe how well I'm doing. 

Oh so, if you want to see Chef Randy in action, go to Amazon and pick up one of his newly released DVDs. He has one on SAUCES and one on STOCKS. What I want is one on recipes!  Last year he made Amy (and me) this broccoli/feta/mushroom/tomato dish. I could probably eat that one every day for a month!  Yummy.

I played the piano during Church yesterday and did quite well. DD sang with some of the girls who are about the same age. I am trying to get more opportunities to play so I can improve my "performances" and maybe become a better piano player in general. 

Hmmmm...I'm sure there is more to post.  But the dryer has stopped and laundry calls....

When is the ink and paper going to call?? haha


Michelle VP said...

Oh wow! Good to read an update from you and I 100% agree with being thankful for a husband who provides so I can run around like a headless chicken. Such poetic truth! :) It is a blessing to be available to volunteer in so many activities that my children are involved in, but it does keep me running too. I can totally relate. {grin}

Susan said...

3 cheers for Ken who does provide so well...and 3 cheers for all you do.

Starla said...

It's kind of a pain when "life" happenings get in the way of crafting, huh?! hehe. TOTALLY there with you!! (I haven't even posted on my blog as to why I haven't posted!)