A Shout Out!

Kudos to the NW Iowa Boy Scouts of America Council!

Last night, I was checking my emails and read a comment that the BSA District Commissioner from the NW Iowa Council left on my blog concerning the unappropriate pinewood derby cars and other comments at our last Tiger Den Meeting.  I responded and sent her an email with my contact information.

First thing this morning, she had written me back.  Then went on to forward the information to their District Executive.  I was gone most of the day.  When I returned this afternoon, I found two more emails from Boy Scouts of America which linked me up to my own District Executive. 

I'm not sure what can be done about the past. But certainly a reminder to Pack leaders and Parents is in order about the appropriateness of their cars and speech.  As my parents and grandparents taught me, you just never know who is listening.  You just never know.  This is a fine example of that....on many levels. 

Again, I am really impressed by the speed and concern and seriousness that the NW Iowa BSA Council had for this matter.  When I posted that story, it seemed like I was just talking to the cyberworld...to no one really.  But again, you never know who is listening.  Thank you Connie and Justin!  I'm impressed.

Your new slogan should be:
The NW Iowa BSA Council...not just serving the TriSate area since 1917...but keeping watch over Boy Scouts everywhere!


Karinn said...

Dawn, you are awesome. This is a great outcome. As a mom to two young boys, I am so glad that there are moms like you out there to help watch out for my boys as well as your own and others'.

Kim P said...

God has blessed your efforts, indeed! I hope many people are inspired to speak up more often!! {{{HUGS}}}