Setting an example

I'm all about setting a good example. And today, my three kids saw me...in our house...being badgered by the Kirby company to buy a 3K plus dollar vaccuum. Before the guy walked into my house (more like pushed his way into my house), I said I would not be buying a vaccuum. I have known about Kirbys my entire life. I think they are great. I'd love to have one. But I am not spending that much money on one. 

So, after he attempted to get a stain out of my carpet, do the demo, tell me I was sleeping in the fecal matter of mites, it was time to talk price. Throughout the visit, I assured Alex that I was not buying.  So, after some time, and the "supervisor" returned, Isiah thought he was going to badger and bug and guilt me into this purchase.  I "deserved it." (I agreed but no I'm not buying one.)  I "was the mother who tended to all the needs of the family." (Of course I"m the mother that does it all!)   "You husband isn't going to divorce you if you buy it. He isn't going to stay mad at you for buying it."  (No, but he knows that I'm not going to buy it without talking to him.)  "The wife gets what ever she wants and the husband doesn't."  That my husband "ha bought things without asking me."  (Yes, so? What's your point?)  He was not going to take No for an answer.  And despite the lowering the price twice, giving me all sorts of "discounts."  No still meant no. 

Isiah could use all sorts of half truths and goading. I was not going to say yes.  Even when I mentioned to him, that he was arguing with me and trying to push me into buying one, my kids saw that I was not backing down.  I pointed out some of his lies, which he denied.  (Okay, Kirby, better get salesmen who doesn't lie to the customers.)  So when he got louder, I got louder.  Still calm.  But he was not going to scare, push or flatter me into this purchase.  I told him from the beginning I wasn't buying one.  Even C* piped up, "Yeah, Mom's right" to one of his salesman pitches.

I said that no, another salesman could not come into my home to help Alex carry out his supplies. So, Isiah finally left.  Alex confided that Big Isiah is the biggest seller in the country. (Doubt it.)  And that yes, 98% of the women cave in and buy one of these machine.  So, I am of the 2% who can stand their ground.

I sure hope my kids are in that 2%.
As we were doing other things around the house together this evening. I explained and pointed out there are all sorts of situations where someone is going to bug, bother, lie, flatter, try to convince you to do something you originally didn't want to do. It might be drugs, beer, sex, cheating...you name it.  But you just say no. No. NO.  No one can make you do anything.  And...people are going to lie. And sales people...do lie. And I mentioned of a few of the lies that were told.  (Oh what a tangled web we weave...)

And...by the way, I told my kids...It's the same thing if you ask me to play video games/watch tv and I say no. I'm not going to change my mind 10 minutes later.  Do you think I will change my mind just because you ask again?  DD says yes...I guess I still have some teaching to do. haha


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Way to go Dawn!

Also I like your color change for your blog!

Stampin_melissa said...

LOL! My DS seems to think the same thing that eventually I'll change my mind. *sigh* You'd THINK he'd learn after awhile! So glad that you were able to demonstrate to your children that No means No. I talk to Troy regularly about marketing too, after all kids are continually bombarded with advertising.

Michelle VP said...

I can't stand pushy sales people. Good for you for standing your ground.

Kim P said...

You Go Girl!! I think you should send a link for your blog to the Kirby CEO!! LOL!!

Lisa Kind said...

Great story, Dawn! It's very difficult to stand your ground with these pesky salesmen! Good for you!

Anita Hovey said...

good for you Dawn! The last salesperson I let into my house actually asked they could wait until my husband got home so I could consult with him, after I'd said no! Uhhhhh Excuse me...I can make my own decisions LOL GET OUT!

Katie Cotton said...

way to go! Man am i ever glad that we have No Solicitation signs at the main entrances to our neighborhood!