No...not talking about the LOST TV show which has totally gone down the toilet this season....

But last night I sat down at my art table and discovered that my 12 inch, metal Westcott ruler..with a corked back...is gone.  And of coruse, after an embaressingly long time, I stopped looking and went to bed..and then while laying there, thought of possible hiding places in my head! haha.

I decided to just go buy a new one.  Really...Just plunk down $2 or $3 and get a new one. Only...Target, where I originally bought it, didn't carry it any more.  Standing in the isle, I remembered that I had one, 18 inch, from college so I dug it out.

And spent the rest of the day looking and cleaning, cleaning and purging, looking and hoping that it would be found.

So, although it hasn't shown up and in all probability, there are other stores that carry this same ruler, I have found a few things.

1.  A really nice microbeaded pen tucked into a bag
2.  A loose PMS stamp that had fallen in my paper bucket...I didn't even know that it was missing.
3.  A small piece of ezmount, just the right size to mount the PMS toothfairy.
4.  I have a lot of embellishments that my DD and boys can use...so I need to direct them to these fun treats.

Also, I have a lot of drawers and cabinents and places that are now, clean and tidy.  So, I think, if I run across that 12 inch ruler in the store, I will buy it. But for now, I will use my 18 inch ruler..

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Great Grandma Lin said...

tidying up is a good spring activity...you deserve a new ruler.