Cub Scout Appreciation Awards...2010

This is my third year coming up with and executing appreciation awards for the parent volunteers in our Scout Pack.  (Here is what I did in 2008 and 2009.) This year, I decided to make Rice Bags...27 in all.  Who can't use and appreciate one of these babies!!  Our Blue and Gold Banquet had a Star Wars Theme.  So...the award names were Star Wars characters too. 

I chose the name of a StarWars Character whose traits or job matched that of the Pack Committee job. This is the front of the tag.

 The back of the tag...with the peom, instructing the use how to warm up the bag!

Here is a run down on the names I chose:

Chartered Rep--Padme Amidala...Sentator of Naboo…go between the pack and the church where we meet
Pack Chairperson--Yoda... Calm, keeps everyone together, teaches as he leads, wise
Cub Master--Obi-Wan Kenobi...Jedi who teaches and leads
Asst. Cub Master--Luke Skywalker...Apprentice to Obi-Wan (obviously)
Treasurer--Princess Leia Princess..soldier, leader, princess, etc...(this person holds 2 official positons in our pack and does A LOT of things behind the scenes quietly.)
Each Den Leader--Clone Captain Rex Gruff...no-nonsense and tough as nails, Rex voiced his professional opinion to even the highest-ranking Jedi.   He patroled the most lawless and dangerous sectors of the galaxy within the feared Outer Rim.  The boys were the clone troopers.
Advancement/Recruitment-- Shmi Skywalker...Anakin's mom…keeps tracks of awards, bought patches
Popcorn Sales--Young Anakin Skywalker...who as a boy sold things in a junk yard, slave, worked hard
Pinewood Derby--Han Solo and Chewbacca...pilot and copilot (We have 2 helpers here.)
Blue & Gold Banquet:
Chef--Dexter Jester...Intergalactic Cook (according to DS)
Other Organizers--BD3000 Luxury Droid...mechanical attendants that served the Senators and did the busy work
Scouting for Food --Jawa...Always on the look-out for druids and spare parts (Again, so says DS.)
Summer Camp Coordinator-- Princess Leia
Event Chair/Activities Coordinator--Chief Chirpa of the Ewoks..Fun and  playful
Attendance @ Pack Meetings--C3PO Protocol droid keeps tracks of the nuts and bolt

These rice bags are really easy to make.  I buy terry cloth which is 45 inches wide.  So my bags start off as 15 x 13 inches.  (So you can get three across.)
1.  Fold your fabric in half, with right sides together.  Sew one long and one short side.  One long side is a fold. 
2.  Turn right side out.
3.  Sew a second edge to the bottom.
4.  Fill with rice....no set measurement.  A 50 lb bag of rice can make at least 32 bags.
5.  Tuck in the edges of the last edge and sew.  So each short end now has the same finished look.  (See first pix for a better understanding.)

Well...if you read this far down...that was the prequel to the SEWING SMACKDOWN...as challenged by my sister, Jocelyn.  Come back tomorrow to see the first round!!

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Michelle VP said...

Love all the Star Wars names you came up with for your awards. :)