PMS sketch

I was going to post this card last Friday, as hinted on my Thursday entry. But PMS decided to push back the challenge due to the week of sneak peeks. 

This monster holds a flag and a plastic bottle.  But I cut and trimmed and now have him holding 2 hearts!  ooh...even more loveable!

Run on over to the PMS Blog to see the sketch and to link up with Mr. Linky.  Use Keyword: makeup4theweekend05.


Randee E said...

Aack!! I didn't even notice the hearts until I read the post - LOVE it!! How perfect for V-day or anniversary. Too cute and soo creative!!

Kim P said...

What a clever adaptation! I would never think to cut out part of an image and replace with something else.

You are so super talented!! ;-)

Michelle VP said...

Love it when you make your monsters or fairies or doodles hold something different. Shows off their versatility! :)

Susan said...

you made him so much more versatile