A funny from a cousin

Right now I am at my Mom's house with the Kennedy cousins. We needed to get through some time waiting for dessert to be served so we had a joke telling contest. This one was from Sam...haha...

There were three robbers that robbed a bank. They ran past a castle and a wizard came out. He said, "I cast a spell on you. If you jump off this cliff, then you can turn into anything you want.

So the first guy went off the cliff and said, "Hawk!" And he turned into a hawk and flew away. Then the second robber said, "Eagle!" He turned into an eagle and flew away.

The third guy ran off the cliff and tripped on a rock and said, "Oh, crap!" and turned into a pile of poop.

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Karinn said...

Okay, I had to find a quick minute to comment on this joke! It really made me smile. Has been a tough week or so working on things and home improvements, and I really needed this smile. THANKS!! Have to remember that things can be a lot worse - and to be careful what I say out loud!! LOL!