New 'Do Redo!

This afternoon, I got my hair done by the very talented Courtney from Santino's (formerly from Ulta). She did it back in September and it was a great cut. And my first (and only) time for professional coloring. I made the mistake in December of going to a different hair dresser who didn't follow Courtney's cut. I ended up with 2 hair cuts a few days apart and months of "growing it out" time. haha

So, last night I dyed my hair to rid it of greys and some orang-iness...then off to Santino's for the first time.

I love, love, love my hair again. Thanks, Courtney! If you go to see her, mention mine name. Three referals and I can get a free hair cut!!

But, saddly, when I went to the busstop, I got less than fantastic reviews. One mom said that she liked my hair better before the cut. And DD of course "liked the front but didn't like the back." And E liked it..but his comliment went sort of like this:

Um, Mom, remember, hey Mom...Remember that DVD that Luke has? THe one with HeMan. Your hair looks like that guy on HeMan. You're hair looks like HeMan's hair cut...just a different color."

LOL..well, not only do I feel prettier, I got a laugh out of everyone's hair comment. (BTW, M* took a pix of me and it didn't turn out very well.)


Great Grandma Lin said...

well, we're all waiting to see the new do...you can't please everyone you know, you can only please yourself. I can't imagine you have any gray hair at your young age but kids can do that to you. I had my last son at age 42 and he used to tell me...he had the oldest mom is the hs. lol! although I didn't appreciate the comment at the time, I think he now realizes that I was responsible for his coming and upbringing. I tried gray hair and didn't like it. A new hair cut can give you the added lift you need as a mom/woman. Go for it.

Katie Cotton said...

haha. You crack me up. An di'm so jealous! I've been desperately wanting to get a haircut and just never have a kid free moment to go!

Starla said...

LOL!! Tomorrow is my day for the cover up job and cut.....we'll see!