Very sick...

My youngest is my "sickly child." He just gets sick...a lot. Last year, he had Scarlet Fever. Within a few hours of feeling sick, I had him take a bath. Taking off his shirt, I saw this red rash all over his torso. (Luckily I have a good friend who suggested Scarlet Fever...and she was right.) Lately, he's been low for a couple of weeks. But it got worse on Thursday night. Again, all of a sudden. We had walked to the Emerts, chatted for 15 minutes and came home...but a few minutes after that he was clutching his ears and crying that the kids were too loud. "Don't talk to me!!" Fevered, upset. He was sick. I gave him a dose of Motrin and he seemed to be okay.

Well, he went to bed at a decent time only to wake up at 2am...screaming and upset and in pain. A lot of pain. Needless to say he stayed home from school and I took him to the doctor's office on Friday. Moaning and Groaning and lethargic, he managed to get to the noon appointment. He was diagonsed with an ear infection in his right ear. Next we headed to the pharmacy which is located next door. E* moaned and groaned as we waited for the antibiotic script to be filled.

Now if you know E*, you know he was a screamer as a toddler...and is loud. VERY loud at times. And now this wasn't the Loud E*...but this E was loud enough that everyone in the pharmacy was looking at us and concerned. The pharmacist asked if it was an ear infection. When I replied to the affirmative, she suggested that he have a topical ear drop to ease the pain. The clerk called the doctor's office and walked over to pick up the needed papers. We were out the door...me carrying E*.

I took him home, administered the medicines...and yet, this boy who naps when ill (or bored), didn't nap. He'd take a short cat nap...12 minutes maybe...then wake up screaming. Crying. In pain.

He was up a lot of the night. Tossing turning in pain...or mumbling in his sleep. I'd wake him up to see if he was having a bad dream. No? Odd.

But the biggest concern was the enlarged glands. Very enlarged. And the pain in his neck. He turns his head as if he has a crick in his neck...so that his entire shoulders/upper body moves left or right. He is still feverish despite the motrin and tylenol and antibiotics.

Mostly, it's the pain. The moaning...the angony.

Again, I'm blessed with another thoughtful friend who got out her family medicine book of symptoms and suggested Mumps. And I googled it myself.

Not sure what it is. Mumps, Mono, just his immune system fighting the illness, etc. I do know he is in pain. I can't pick him up. Just brushing his neck/throat..he screams in pain at the touch.

I'm hoping that things will clear up soon. Very soon. It's 2am...and he's still restless. I'm grateful to be a mother...even when things are worrisome. And boy...so grateful that I don't live 100 plus years ago...without Meijer to buy Motrin or pharmacists who can easily recommend another medication...or constant hot water for lots of baths.


Great Grandma Lin said...

sorry to hear of your son's illness. that's always a challenge as a mother. I remember when I was pregnant with Daniel and my first son Frank came down with chicken pox-well, I got it too. So Daniel got immunities from that disease before he was even born. Hope your son is well soon and that you can get some rest...

Starla said...

Awwwww, poor little guy!! Nothing is worse than knowing your child doesn't feel well, and there is not much you can do.

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about how your son feels. Hugs Dawn!!

Kathy said...

It is so worrysome when our little ones get sick. I hope this all passes soon, and I hope you can get some rest!

Karinn said...

Oh no, hope he's feeling better soon, poor little guy. What a rough time he's having. Sending you both some hugs :0)

I love your fairy cards. They are all so different! I LOVE how you did the second one, everything about it, it's just gorgeous!!