For the Bunnies in a Bungalow and cupcakes for me!

Today, the Easter treats from Granny and Papa arrived. E* was eager to open the package but had to wait until after the older two arrived home from school. Everyone loves the books that they send! E* got a terrific archeology set. He just started digging into that kit with gusto and fervor. He was determined to get all the treasures out today.
M* really wanted to help out too. And E* didn't even mind all the dust and coughing that went along with the sandy dust. Just kept hacking away. Then he added water...to make to faster. That is actually when I said he had to stop...and take a break for the day. M*, the yogini, received a yoga book and fairy address organizer. She set about changing into her yoga wear and dragged out the yoga mat.

When her very flexible friend came over a little later, we had two yogis doing their thing! C*, the book worm, got "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and read it in a couple of hours. I told him I'd send it back to Granny and she could mail it to the next cousin. (haha...jokingly of course.)


Then, my neighbor who must be part Easter bunny too, came hopping across the lawn. With a pan of cupcakes,

thank card for the cinnamon rolls I had taken over there on Saturday AND...TWO NEW WILTON JELLY ROLL pans!
Wahoo! My recipe makes 4 sheets of rolls. I have two new/good pans and two old/really bad pans. So either the neighbors REALLY like the rolls, or R* is tired of scrubbing my old pans when they show up with rolls. (Sorry...but they were the better looking set of rolls when 7pm rolled around!)

You know what that calls for...MORE ROLLS!...maybe those Danishes Mom wants me to try my hand at! Thanks R*!! Here's the card...isn't it nice!


Great Grandma Lin said...

wow you've got quite a little interactive community going on with the easter bunny, grandkids and neighbors. sounds fun!

Susan said...

oh hooray...pretty pans to share things on. The 'seasoned' ones are great for baking...or so I'm told...but the pretty sones can be used to give away the rolls. Just transfer them. And yes you do need to try the Danishes!

Tina said...

Everyone looks happy! Those cupcakes look scrumptious!

Starla said...

OHHH!! What a wonderful Easter bunny!! (that reminds me...youngest finished reading HIS new diary of a wimpy kid and we made a special project, but need to take another picture as the first ones didn't turn out good!)

Shaela said...

I LOVE new dishes (I'm a pampered chef consultant) so I totally understand your excitement!