A surprise for mom

Yesterday, E started making hearts cut out of paper. He would write on them: I love you. From E. Then they were placed on everyone's pillows and I hung up a few in the art room.

This morning, I opened the silverware drawer to pull out a spoon to serve E up some cough medicine...and this is what I saw!

Yesterday I saw M straightening the drawer...and E was putting the silverware into the holder on the counter. But I did not see the perfectly wonderful job they did! Now I *know* that they can keep the drawer this straight when emptying the dishwasher!

Thank you E and M for being sweet and kind and loving! xoxo


Great Grandma Lin said...

great kids you have and loving too, must take after their mom's good example.

Starla said...

What a nice surprise!
I really like your gnome card too, it's CUTE!

Susan said...

how wonderful. don't you just love a straightened silverware drawer? send them down here.