They're HERE!

I stamped a 4 challenge card today and then decided to clean up the house. Really clean up. Like scour the bathrooms and vaccum the carpeting. Then all of the sudden it was time to meet the kids as they got off the bus. To my delight, I found the new Doodlefactory Valentine Stamps in my mail box! I'm so glad that I cleaned this afternoon AND had made a large pot of Taco Soup last night for dinner. We had enough left overs for dinner tonight. (Sorry C*.) And then I had more time to trim the rubber, mount them on EZmount and then cut the EZmounted rubber!

Admittedly, I had a few ideas in my head. And now I can't go to bed. B/c I had to walk back down stairs to check on the cards that I made. I made a change on one card. And then debated the heart brad or no heart brad on another one. (If I had a silver or gold or bronze heart brad, I think it would be a go. But I only have pink and red. Oh Michele!! Do you have a silver or gold heart brad? Size small? haha)

Admittedly, even though I had ideas in my head...card making wasn't very fast. I didn't know exactly what color blues to use. Or...what to do with these hearts...

haha. I know! "What is she talking about?"

You'll just have to stop back tomorrow and see the posted cards. (With or without the heart brad!)

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Lin said...

you're funny. i talk to myself about writing class ideas and you do about stamping. nice to find something you enjoy.