I was tagged...

TWICE. Once on a blog and once on Facebook. But since Facebook's "game" is going to be long winded, I will start here.

8 TV Shows or Movies I watch regularly
1. LOST...now that it is back on
2. Chuck
3. The Office
4. Top Chef, Top Design, Project Runway...depends on which show is on air.
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. ER
7. Life on Mars
8. Well, I don't actually watch it, but the kids and the neighbors watch StarWars: The Clone Wars every Friday night. Amy and I get to chitter chatter!

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. I taught my kids some Church songs and watch them sing them in church
2. I led the music in Church
3. I got E* to go to Primary
4. Taught the Relief Society lesson
5. Made all the ladies in the room chuckle at my visual aid
6. Made a carrot cake for Ken who diligently went to his Stake Meeting even though all his buddies weren't going.
7. Made the whale card in hopes of getting on the Whimsy DT Guest spot
8. Talked on the phone and IMed with Mom

8 Favorite places to eat
1. BD's Mongolian BBQ
2. Whereever my mom cooks...she's a great cook and baker!
3. On the Border
4. Skyline...though sadly, now I have to buy a can and make it myself!
5. Olive Garden...though it's waning.
6. Wendys
7. ?
8. ?

8 Things I am looking forward to
1. the next Starving Artistamp release
2. for Ken's sake, Florida in a few weeks
3. more jobs/job security in MI
4. spring
5. snowdays
6. good news
7. ?
8. ?

8 Things on my wish list
1. a sudoku book
2. a scorpal
3. curtains for the front rooms
4. getting my piano tuned
5. new windows
6. new light fixture for the kitchen
7. repaint the family room
8. a laptop

8 People I tag
1. Starla
2. Connie
3. Terry
4. mybearybest, even though she doesn't blog
5. Kathy
6. Kim, who needs more reasons to update her blog
7. Riley
8. Irene

Okay, on second thought, this was a thought-activity too!


Lin said...

well I didn't tag you-knew your mom had already done that...interesting answers.

Cindy said...

Thanks for teaching the lesson on Sunday, I really appreciate it. And you'll enjoy Florida - it's been beautiful weather!

Starla said...

I always enjoy reading other's responses to these things....kinda interesting

mybearybest said...

haha, that's so funny that you tagged blogless me. :) I have no idea how to start a blog and have just figured I wouldn't have time to keep one updated even if I did! I'll email my answers to you. :)

Ken said...

I really hope you have fun in Florida! It should be a lot of fun! It is in the middle of the winter and what better time than to enjoy some sunshine and warmth?

Radical Stamper said...

First - Love BD Mongolian BBQ. My husband and father got me hooked on that!

Secondly - I have two posts to my blog within one week! LOL

Ya know I love ya!