Unplanned day...

Today, I was really going to sew a robe for C* for Christmas. I cut the fabric out last night after he went to bed. But instead, I cleaned up the kitchen, cleared up the piles of stuff on the counter, cleaned out the fridge and mopped...twice. It was neglected, admittedly.

So, still in my cleaning mode, I was putting the ornament boxes back in their place in the basement. Saw that the game closet needed some attention...stooped to pick up a knocked over puzzle box...and found...


So with E*'s help, we cleared out the closet and the storage closet where some pipes are at. Thankfully Ken was working nearby today and came home quickly. He got out a plumber's wrench and presto magic...keeping my fingers crossed...the leak is fixed. He's going to build a box around the piping now too. Luckily only one cardboard puzzle, one box (the toys can be saved) and one other game were marred in the mini flood.

Even though I had other plans, I'm glad that my day turned into a cleaning day...and our basement was detected. Glad Ken was so handy and that the leak (looks to be) at a joint!

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Great Grandma Lin said...

interesting how one leads to another following promptings to find something that could have been a bigger disaster. glad you got it fixed. you are a busy mom.