Ta DA!

I'm posting these and crossing my fingers that my new secret sister doesn't read blogs! haha. My friend Amy is right. My hair cut is uneven. So now I have to fret about it until 10am tomorrow when the salon opens. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

My mojo is back! Or at least having time and having mojo met up together!

Ken is sleeping....b/c he can. And I am tending the kids...and trying to forget about my lopsided hair layers. They know I'm a bit grumpy...and they are actually whispering. Here is a view of the front room...where legos and webkinz have converged. I love the whispering! Now if E can just keep this up for the next 15 years...esp. in church! haha

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Riley said...

wow!! you have been busy, girl! i love all of these cards... your mojo is DEFINITELY back!!!!!