What do I do with my cards...

Posts to my blog have been slow in coming. But I just read Caryn's inquiry about what do I do with my cards?

Well, I give them away. I have cyber stamping friends who I send cards to from time to time. I mail them to my mom's godparents who are getting more frail and more housebound. In church, I am the music director which means I coordinate the special numbers that are sung each week. So I have been sending thank you notes to those willing individuals. (Now that I post about it, I am remembering that I am a few notes behind!) Thursday was Curriculum night at school. On Friday morning, each of the classroom teachers received a cheery note and a reminder that I would be willing to help anyway to make our classroom/school a successfull one this year. (haha)

There has been a few times when I have had a paying customer. A few times. haha.

I made 50 wedding invitations for a friend in August. Oh and I have been making Christmas gifts for my family during the last few years. BUT...this year I am totally stumped. But that's okay b/c I do not have any stamping time ether.

I have used my stamping skills at church: auction, a craft for the teenage girls, during an adult craft day for the women, invites/programs for Primary (Sunday School) and for M* baptism.

Of course, Brownies has used or benefited from my stamping. I made thank you cards for my soccer team last year. And now, I think my list is just going on and on...

If it can be beautified with ink, I'm probably going to stamp it! haha

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wispy willow said...

WOW!!! Now, THAT was an answer. Thanks for filling me in. It sounds like your gift is shared with, and enjoyed by many. And that's just as it should be!!