Why...YES! I have been. So, we just found this Yogini's youtube videos.

M* and I gotta get to this point!

OH WAIT...M* can already do that shoulder stand...haha. YOU ROCK M*!


Great Grandma Lin said...

well i only watched a short part...and remember the days when my body would do what I wanted it to do. now i'm lucky to get up off the floor after sitting down and playing with the grandkids....yoga stresses me now.

KOstvig said...

Okay dawn It works Iwatched 2 min and I got tired....LOL

marissa said...

this video is awesome for a few reasons:
1. her accent
2. her cat creeping up on her
3. those leg in the air poses are something i remember doing in kindergarten with miss marsico
4. did i mention the accent?

wispy willow said...

I'm not sure if this was meant to amuse me, inspire me, or depress me. Oddly enough, it managed to accomplish all three.

You do realize that some of us have locked and/or frozen joints, right? I may do some of the
s l o w and e a s y
tai bo exercises I remember from "Calendar Girls"

I did manage to be grinning when I'd finished watching it, so all's well that ends.....