There was no joy in Mudville that day...

or in other words...

We lost our first soccer game.

Boohoo. 3-1. Against a team that we narrowly beat 2 weeks ago. Ah well. We still have one more game and then, "SUMMER VACATION, here we come!"

On the more exciting front, I received a little package in today's mail from Aunt Lin, who I have been developing a friendship through our blogs and emails. She sent me and the 3 kids some lovely beaded book marks...which I have yet to photograph.

Also...Finally...I received my Starving Artistamps...yeah!

Isn't that robot adorable!?! Who doesn't have grouchy kids once in a while? Seriously, this is going to come in handy!

Now, they have this one million stamp promo...where you can give them a dollar and the cost of a stamp...and they will send you some surprise stamp. So I added 2 to my shopping card and Voila...I lucked out and received 2 more images from this Urban set. The dog (which I thought was a fox) and the matching skateboard, dog tag (?) and the banner...which I had put in and out of my shopping cart a dozen times! Too bad they didn't throw in that cityscape b/c that was something I had my eye on too.

On the toe front...
E*...RIPPED the skin flap off of his toe yesterday evening. When I asked him where the skin was, he replied, "Oh, in the front room, under the couch." Of course...that IS where we put all our discarded skin. Ewwww!

But it looks immensely better. In fact, I had wanted to do that myself but Ken said it should be left alone. I told E that it was baby skin that is now showing and he's pleasantly pleased at that remark.

I went to the coaches meeting on Thursday at the public library. When I found out that is was a very short meeting, I lingered for a few blissful moments among the shelves. After finding a few novels, I perused the periodicals. Today I spent much of the afternoon reading...and learning how to read carefully, again. It has been something that I have lost...careful reading skills. After years of being a bookworm and reading English Literature and other things that make you read carefully, I have fallen out of the habit. Plus now...I am always in a hurry to the next tast on the "to-do list." So today, I put aside whatever might need to be accomplished...and read. Found all sorts of words that I knew and have now forgotten the meaning well enough to tell another soul. So, I'm going to start relearning those words. Relearning and then re-establishing them into my vocabulary. Though, assuredly, I'm not planning on being able to spell them correctly. That was never a strong point of mine!

The book I'm reading now is Villette by Charlotte Bronte

...in which a good part of the dialog is in French. I can pick out a few words...enough to get more through some of the meaning. But I have to rely on the context clues or just blunder along. Quelle dommage! (Though if I can not spell properly in my mother tongue, I am not going to spell well in another."


Elley said...

Oh what a cute card, yes I agree with the occasional grouchy children. I don't miss that at all. And I think I might be able to use this still...when I know even when they are older now and gone from the house, when they are sad or something, this would be a neat card to send them. Like a 'Cheer up' card. Great job Dawn.


Renee said...

I'm sorry you lost your first soccer game :( and I'm sorry poor E split his toe :( What a bummer.
At least you got a new stamp in the mail and made a darling card!


Great Grandma Lin said...

glad you got the bookmarks and a library book to use it on. so what if you lost a game, that keeps you humble. it's only a game, the important things is how you played and if you were a good sport afterwards. go for it...aunt lin

Susan said...

great little card. how does this deal work?

Heather "Hev" said...

Yes a cute robot, pity he is so sad though :(

Barb Nelson said...

Villette is one of my favorite books ever!! Enjoy....now off to check out starving artists stamps.