Friday Challenge Hostess

Yeppers...yours truly is today's (Friday) Limited Supplies Challenge hostess! You can find it here or just read on.

LSC173 It's NOT hip to be square.

Let's make shaped cards! Stay away from squares and rectangles…even circles. Think outside of the box. You can easily do this with a ¼ sheet of scrap cardstock. Sketch your design on the cardstock. Then cut it out. Use the shape as a template for your card. Remember to have a “hinge” on the fold so that you can still open and close the card like a book.

As always on Friday, try to keep your layers and embellishments limited.

Here are some samples:

If you are someone who reads my blog and does the daily challenges, feel free to post your SCS name in the comments and I'll check out your Challenge card! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Oh! And it's my anniversary today...Eleven Years. Which means I need to get Ken some steel or Morning Glories. I know that my dad dislikes Morning Glories to the greatest extent. haha.


Great Grandma Lin said...

happy anniversary, how about a snowflake shaped card?

Susan said...

dad actually planted morning glories for whatever reason, I have no clue. They grow and take over and strangle the garden. Ugh! Don't get that for Ken. Steel huh? Wonder how creative you can be with that one...can't wait to find out....but happy anniversary !

Elley said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. I love the ideal that you came up with. I am going to go and check out the others made too.

Hank said...

i like the robot card dawn , pretty cool