Impressive Song

Today, I had a Brownie Leader meeting and McK* decided that she wanted to go with me. Usually there is child care and maybe she just wanted to check out the meeting. Not sure. We walked in and didn't see the usual child care so we sat down in the back of the room. There were 2 other ladies already sitting there, one of which knew McK from school and cheerfully greeted her by name. I was a bit surprised. McK even answered her back. After this mother introduced herself, she told me how McK and her daughter were in this special new "club" that just formed. I was pretty confused. And the mom kept explaining. Mrs. D had been teaching the kids the names of ALL the US presidents, in order. And Mck and D*, the other DD, were the first and only 2 students who could say them to the teacher. Actually sing them to the teacher.

I was so impressed. And a little embarassed that I didn't know about this endeavor and never helped her practice. Wow!

After we got home, I told Ken and I asked her to sing it to us. And sure enough, she could do all the names! Impressive. Wow! Spectacular! Get that girl some new lotion from BBW! haha.

McK...You are a super star!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

McK will you teach me this song???

Great Grandma Lin said...

wow, wish i could do that, i used to know all the capitols of us states and the gettysberg address but time and age have erased that...aunt lin