Luvy Duvy Songs

Luvy Duvy Songs for this time of year...hehe.

Want to hear anything else? Post it on my blog and I'll look for it.


Susan said...

I'd like Maybe called....Don't let the rain come in....I know it begins with There was a crooked man, who had a crooked cat, etc.

Michelle VP said...

Great song collection! I'm going to keep your blog open to enjoy the music while I'm surfing the net. :)

Shine Family said...

Hi Dawn,
Well, I got an account and password just so I can leave comments for you. It's the least a friend can do, right? Anyway, I'm enjoying your music - it takes me right back to my youth! Lots of memories of Jr. High dances!

Barb Nelson said...

I was totally going to ask for I'll Melt w/You by Modern English but I see you already have it!! Great choices!!