Tiny Treats

Today was supposed to be the first day back to school. Only b/c of the extreme cold temperatures, it was a snow day. Or should I say...COLD day!

Of course, first thing in the AM, C* wanted to go play in the mounds of snow. "No way," I told him. School was canceled due to the cold and you are not going out there.

M* invited L*, a neighbor girl from down the street, to come play with us a little before lunch time. After lunch, the S* boys came to play. So while the boys vegged out in front of the wii or DS, the girls and I cooked and rocked out to Hannah Montana.

First we made chocolate covered pretzels. I dipped while the girls sprinkled generously!

Then we made donut boxes.

Then we made donuts...tiny treats that M* and L* enjoyed making...and licking their fingers. The boys were happy to take a video game break and eat pretzels too!

All in all, a day with me and 7 kids in the house is a piece of cake...as long as you have a wii and some chocolate!


Stampin_Melissa said...

Dawn, better you than me with 7 kids in the house! LOL! I'm not sure I could hang with that many. BTW, are those "donuts" Chreerios??? What a cute idea!

Great Grandma Lin said...

looks like a fun snow day.I bet the girls had more fun than the boys but the wii kept the boys busy. i missed out having all boys who weren't interested in cooking and girl stuff.

My Paper World said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Susan said...

What a great box of doughnuts! Oh my goodness.....so much fun on a COLD DAY. What will you do for Day 2?