What would we do with out our friends!

Today, M* told me that in the preschool newsletter, E* was student of the month. And she knows I don't even READ those newsletters. But somehow, an extra one arrived in his backpack today. He'll be eating off the red plate tonight! (If I can think up dinner without a stove...oh the agony!)

Does Mrs. Webber know that we have an art room??? hehe.

E* is at M*'s house right now...while I am supposed to be napping b/c my friend heard how late I was up. Now, does she let me take her kids...NO. So M*...let me take yours next time!

edited: Thanks KOstvig!!


Great Grandma Lin said...

how about pizza delivery for a special dinner for the special kid. congrats.

KOstvig said...

dawn you forgot the second E* in the descritption...Just thought you might like to know