Black Day

Well, the kids loved the Lego Salt and Pepper shakers that I gave them at dinner time. But after dinner, as I was cleaning up, I learned that one O*, who is in my Brownie Troop and in McK*'s class...TOLD her that her mom was the tooth fairy. Seriously. Any kid who blows it for another kid needs to lose all fairy priviledges.

Pretty much, I'm not even sure what DD thinks/knows right now. But I definitely told her, "If you stop believing then fairies stop coming."

Part of me thinks she wants it to me. Part of her wants it to be a fairy. I said I was going to put up signs outside and on the rough that said "No Fairies Allowed." And she was NOT HAPPY!

Luckily, the boys still seem to be totally happy with fairy land. At least I know DD will play along whether or not she fully understands.

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Jan Scholl said...

Come the nice weather, you should go to Ann Arbor and do the fairy door tour
here is the site for more info but I bet she would love it (and some great outdoor dining too!)