2008 Resolutions...

Check off the one about knitting something useful with my newly aquired skill...a wash cloth!

The yarn is a grey sky blue with a snowflake/star in the center. The pattern calls it a snowflake but it looks like a quilted star to me. The bottom edge is the starting point. It was the first time I used 100% cotton yarn and it took me some tries to get it going. It was a bit more loose than I was knitting and I was able to get back on track with the even-ness. But the bottom edge is not quite right.

I gave the cloth to DD since she wanted it and promised she'd actually wash her face with it. Of course, when I handed it to her a couple of minutes ago, she promptly began singing a song about it. "Thank you for the blanket! Thank you for the blanket!" I turned around and her webkinz cat was snuggling under it! So much for washing her face.

I am now officially the Ward Choister in church, after subbing 6 months in the position. I had heard that someone would be getting the calling a few days ago and I thought, "Yeah, now I can sit in the pew and sing the alto parts!" I told DD that today would be the last day she could sit with me up in front. Then I find out that I am the one getting the calling! So I guess I better figure out how to sing the higher notes better. E*'s running up to me in the middle of hymns must not matter too much to the bishopric either. Now to get Ken to grab him and take him out before he makes it to the stand. I'm also the ward music director which means I have to find and schedule musical numbers each month. Personally, I enjoy singing a rest hymn instead of listening to a musical number so this is going to be something I have to work at. Plus, I can't stand hearing the same people performing. There has got to be others with unknown talents and I will have to search them out. A plus side is now *I* will be able to chose the hymns instead of the organists who pick highly unknown hymns each week. Of course, most people thought it was my choice and my calling...so the announcement today was a surprise to many. Over all, it should be a nice "easy" calling to do now that I am doing so many other things with Brownies and Junior Achievements.

Okay, at least one of my goals is accomplished. I don't know about the weight loss. I'm about to try to make cookies one last time in our old oven before the new one arrives on Tuesday. Let's just hope it can keep working for about 45 more mintues before breaking down...or else we are just going to each cookie dough!

Edited 30 seconds later: Nope...the oven is definitely busted...no cookies until Tuesday.

Edited 30 minutes later: WEDNESDAY! We have to wait until Wednesday for cookies! wah!

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Great Grandma Lin said...

i like your knitting, very creative, reminds me of my days of weaving project-very time consuming but some how fulfilling. cookies...sounds good. especially on a fast sunday that went slooow.