Christmas is coming...

I remember that Cara, my sister, had to learn this little poem when she was in Mrs. Kappur's 2nd or 3rd grade class. I don't remember which b/c it was a 2nd/3rd split class.

Christmas is coming
the goose is getting fat;
Please put a penny in the old man's hat!

If you have no penny,
then a ha'penny will do.
If you have no ha'penny then
God Bless You!

I decided to make cinnamon rolls for the elementary and preschool teachers yesterday since I never formulated a gift idea for the individual teachers. This way, the entire faculty and staff could benefit!

After spending the entire afternoon and evening making and baking, today, we are left with probably 6 rolls out of the original 8 pans (128 rolls). I gave 1/2 a pan to the neighbors, drove one pan to my best girl friend's house, 3 pans to the elementary and 2 pans for the preschool. And the rest...well..we ate them for breakfast!

I got up extra early, took off the plastic wrap covers from the rolls, added icing, and zipped out. We had some gorgeous fog today. Low lying fog that hung in the air as if I was on some Hogwart's lands!

Now, we are having a bright sunny morning. I tell you, living in MI has been down right divine since last spring. We had super great summer weather...hot into the fall. The cold snap came at the end of November...but there have been many, many sunny and bright days. We got snow right away instead of 6 weeks of gloom, glum and rain!

So today, I enjoyed the fog and the sun...my dishes are done...Now to tackle a very floury floor!


Lin said...

I admire your youthful energy, after 45+ years of cooking I'm ready to retire and delight that my son Daniel does the holiday cooking for the family, and I can just relax and enjoy. It is a great season for remembering others with cards and little gifts. I met my two new visiting teachers yesterday as the branch has been divided and they are delightful and brought me a plate of sugar cookies...hmm nice. Most thankful for their enthusiastic friendship. Happy holidays to you and yours. Don't work too hard. Aunt Lin

gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

yum...cinnamon rolls. I know it was not Mrs. Ackerman because I can see Cara's teacher clearly, know all about her, but cannot bring up her name (but it was a second/third grade class and she had this woman for 2 days...same as Mr. Traut for 4/5). But I do remember that poem....maybe YOU had to memorize it, too. How did you remember that bit of history?

Rochelle W said...

Merry Christmas Dawn!