Songs you can really swing to...

During the last week in September, I was sitting in my studio and stamping while listening to NPR. The radio is typically tuned into the NPR station when I stamp or cook or work on other things. There was a music review/interview for a new album being released a couple of days earlier by the Brian Setzer Orchestra. It's called "Wolfgang's Big Night Out." Basically, with the help of an old school big band composer, Mr. Setzer took some of the most well known classics, shortened them and then jived them up for a very energic set of songs that get your feet tappin' and your fingers snappin'!

According to the interview I heard on NPR, Mr. Setzer wowed his wife with his own unique rendition of a classical song. That inspired him to try to expand it to an album. Then he decided that he needed/wanted the help of one of the old school big band composers...who better than Frank Comstock! A man who wrote scores for Gilligan's Island, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Theme and other big hits in the 40s and 50s.

After a little research, he found the still living 84 year old Frank Comstock, who at first declined when asked to help write some scores for the album. But after a conversation on the phone, Mr. Comstock decided to give it a try after 20 years of not composing. Setzer sent him a classical song and five days later, Mr. Comstock sent him back a new jived up piece.

One or two songs soon added up to 7 and an album was well on it's way.

While, I have one track here on my blog, I'm sure you'd enjoy listening to others which you can find HERE! There is more in depth review that you can read and ring tones that you can download. (I should look into getting some of those for my phone!)

So, it has probably been 10 years since I've bought a cd...and I got this one. It arrived today. Just in time. Since there are 2 weeks of the year that I have to turn off the radio from NPR...the spring and fall membership drive...which starts tomorrow! Now I'll be toe tappin' and shufflin' around the house as I listen to this fun disk. Enjoy!


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

OH I LOVE this, and I LOVE Brian Setzer. . . .have to go and get it! Thanks for sharing!

JAR said...

I love Brian Setzer too -- have been listening to his stuff for a long time!!

JenMarie said...

LOVE this song! GREAT stamping music! :)