How easy a day can change...

It's amazing how fast your day/luck can change!

This morning, the kids were ready to go to school a bit early, so DD colored in her weather report. This week, each morning, she is responsible for presenting the dailiy weather to the class.

So we go off to the bus stop which is kitty corner across the street. It is significantly cooler today (high expected to be 74, compared to yesterday's 90+) and DD decided that she wanted a jacket. So I jogged back home, rushed to get her jacket and then to the first aid box for some bandaids. She had complained about her scraped kneed (from yesterday's gymn class). Then I rushed back out to the bus stop.

I calmly walked back in the door and set about putting the first aid box away...only to discover my DD's weather report lying next to the first aid kit. Seriously..inches away! If only I had looked and seen! So, in a mad rush, I woke up DS, hustled him into clothes, potty, he got some cereal in a gallon sized ziplock while I emailed the teacher. And we were off...

Lickity split, we were behind a bus...and yes, it WAS my kids' bus! But our school parking lot is on a lower level. So DS and I ran as fast as he could run up the hill to get to the buses! Once up there, we spied 2 of the neighborhood girls that wait at our bus stop. But no McK*...she was one of the first off the bus! We signed ourselves into the school, got our visitor's sticker...walked down the halls to her class room. We did get to see C* and walk with him (and his class)to his classroom. Peeked inside. Then 2 more classrooms away, we spied M* in the hallway. I'm not sure if someone said that I was coming. And of course, she didn't say a thing. (Unlike her big brother who was very verbal in his surprise to see us at school!) We peeked into her classroom and waved good by to C* as we passed by his classroom on our way out of the school.

Then we traveled south on Baldwin Road back home. Which is actually the way most people go to work b/c it takes you to the highway. So, it was slow go...and I was eager to make it to the gas station b/c my husband had forgotten to fill up the tank last night. Haha...

Okay, some finally, we get the the gas station, and I accidentally hit "debit" instead of "credit." So that took a bit of time.

Finally, we got back home...an hour after we left (b/c yes, we got McDonald's hashbrowns as a breakfast treat.) Whew...what a day we've had already. It's like treading water some days. (Mck's teacher did respond saying that McK had left the entire folder and was upset about it.)

But all's well that ends well! M*'s report is right on. Cloudy in the morning with a small chance of rain. We only have 3 more days of reporting before we are done!! It would have been so much eaiser, if there wasn't any clip art to color. Then we could have stamped some decorations with solid stamps!

Meanwhile, if you want to know the weather at my house, look over to the left at my weather widget!


Jan Scholl said...

Hey Dawn---isnt this weather nutso?

My daughter used to live in Clarkston at that complex off the Dixie where those two guys blew themselves up on the 4th of July. She moved to Charlotte and now to Lansing. I miss being down there in the Waterford area-do you ever go to Jane's on the Dixie? New owner but still the same shop.

Jan Scholl said...

Dawn-when I saw the weather on your blog listed Waterford, I thought maybe that is where you were at and the mention of Baldwin Road as that passes threw Auburn Hills and west past the mall. Anyway, Jane's is listed on my blog on the right under local stores. If you stamp, you need to get out there and check it out. Since you are in Lake Orion, do you ever get up to Artful Scrapbooks and Stamps off Van Dyke http://www.artfulscrapbook.com/Home.html or the Scrapbook Tree in Shelby Township (no web site)? I love both these places and its why I am broke sometimes.

The apartment thing in Clarkston---I am suprised you didnt know about it. It made the national news this past July. Two guys who worked maintenance at the complex blew themselves up making fireworks. Turns out one of the guys was one my nephew played volleyball with once in the pool when he was visiting my daughter. wierd.

Anyway, I try to list all the GOOD scrap and stamp stores in my sidebar in case some dont know about them or are visiting Michigan as I have made it my job to visit every one on the eastern side of Michigan if possible. I sometimes meet up with hubby who works at the Tech Center in Warren for dinner on my treks. I need to make a trip to Ashoka soon-missing my spicy Indian a lot since daughter moved from Troy.