So...this weekend...my husband announced he was going to go camping with his brother even though next weekend our 8 year old will be baptized and it is the kids' first soocer games today. I decided to open up the Wii that he had brought home a couple of weekends ago and play it with the kids. We had a blast!

A Wii is FUN!

And I'm not a "gamer." I can barely play Centipede. We took turns with the 2 controllers...so by the end of a game, all of us had played each "player." Then we were all the winners and the losers...if you can understand that! We talked things through, read how to play each mini game and such.

Now, I know there are those who think that video games are a waste of time. I certainly don't think they are very productive. But this new Wii system is like playing a board game. My kids LOVE board games. They play with Dad on Sunday mornings (when we have afternoon church) and I get to sleep in a bit.

Too bad the parts to this system are so expensive. Feel free to pass along any slick deal leads to me!

Bowling was very fun for us. All of us can get spares on a regular basis...and some strikes. Boxing was great...punch, punch, punch! C* was especially animated as you might guess. Tennis was difficult...we only tried for a few minutes. Baseball, near impossible. MarioParty8 is new and we are figuring what works best for the 2 controllers that we have...and what is easy to pass controls to one another as we play the games.

(E* bowling.)

M* boxing with C* cheering her on!

While 2 of my friends think that I'll be stamping while E* is at preschool...I just might be saying "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as I jab, box, swat and jump with our new family toy...the Wii!


jodene said...

I want to get this for the family for Christmas. I figured they may get more exsercise this winter with it!

Theresa said...

We are also considering this for our fam for Christmas! We are thinking it would be great for all of us together!