Bad News with that bike trailer...

Some call it a Tag A Long...all I know it has been a pain in the neck for me. Our second bike arrived today. But, when it came...the box was ripped again. And it was missing parts. Luckily only the flag and poles. Which isn't imparative to use the bike. I struggled to put it together in the 90+ degree heat this afternoon b/c I was so excited to finally use it. I couldn't get some of the bolts really tight. Finally DH came home...he couldn't get the bolts tight either. He's an engineer and was using allt hese big words. Basically, the holes for the handlebars were drilled correctly...so in one corner, the bolt wouldn't go in. I had the same problem with the first bike last week.

For those who want to get a trailer/tag a long....DO NOT get a Pathfinder by InStep. DO NOT.

Today, I finally was able to get the first bike sent out in a box that UPS would take....and DH had to take the wheel off to make it all fit! I bought my bikes at sportsauthority.com. And to tell you the truth, their customer service was excellent. The vendor...IN Step...on the other hand, was aweful!

So if you can recomment a decent trailor for me and DS, post the name and/or website to this post. Nothing super expensive please. But then again, you get what you pay for...obviously, I should have paid more.


Lorie said...

I can't give you any advise...sorry! I just wanted to say that you are a way more patient woman than I would be! Good luck finding one that works!

Barb said...

Wow.. what a bummer. I'd have been cursing in that heat!