Nothing new to report...

Nothing new to report. Since I put a subscription option on my blog, I thought you guys wanted to read something from me today.

Weather...turned cold..nonstop rain.

Started some Mother's Day cards for the Mother's Day Stalker Challenge. Still haven't stamped a challenge card in over 2 weeks! Yikes.

Cooked dinner for a friend who just came home from the hospital with a new baby. What a way to celebrate May Day!! To bring home a new life into their family/home.

I did get to the postoffice to mail Linda SS her blog candy winnings. So all you out there in the blogosphere...sorry, the prize was claimed! I'll put up another one. Contests are so fun. So is getting fun mail. Actually, I mailed a lot of stuff out today...To a lot of countries...US, Canada, Singapore, England and Australia. How cool is that!

I've been busy with getting the new DSS round started on SCS.

With that, I'll publish this entry, sweep up the rice that #3 scattered on the floor and make some chocolate chip cookies! (Oh yeah, and go see why all 3 kids had to go out into the mushy grass to get something out of the woods!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been bust. I have not been able to craft lately either. My plan was to do some crafting today but I bent over to pick up my baby and I threw out my back.....haven't done much today except whine. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I meant busy.....I have not figured out a way to edit a comment without having to trash it and repost the whole thing.

Jen said...

Fun day there! Would you mail me some of those cookies you made?! :o)

Rochelle W said...

Sounds like an eventful day.