Today my friend, M** called to say that she had some new caterpillars and we could have some to raise. We had tried this several years ago. Early April, we bought some caterpillars at the butterfly exhibit...only to have a huge ice storm, freezing cold temperatures, 5 days of no power, and some dead caterpillars. We are eager to try again.

The kids are excited b/c they have hatched butterflies in school for the last couple of years. Now they are in our house, munching away on milkwood leaves. Now I know what a milkweed looks like. As I drive around, I am constantly scanning the roadside, looking for new places to harvest this plant. There is milkweed next to the lake by our pool and by the play ground in our subdivision. I have seen a few plants near the bog behind our house too, so our striped friends are going to be well fed!

A few things I've learned so far. My DD didn't pronounce the word "caterpillar" correctly. "Callerpillars" was the word of the day. But she is started to say it with a "T." She also knows a good pet when she sees one. As we were driving home from getting these creatures, DD said, "
We have good caterpillars mom. Do you know way? They poop in one spot."

I asked DS what his new job was. He said "to watch the caterpillars." Hmmm...guess I'm going to be sweeping the kitchen floor a little longer.

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Jessica/Faereygirl said...

My little friend Danielle likes to call them capatillers...